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Yahoo! Finance Transcript

Christian Lee on Yahoo! Finance Live



Seana Smith, Yahoo! Finance

Transfix going public via a SPAC. Now, this deal is going to value the company at just over a billion dollars so we want to bring in Transfix CFO Christian Lee to talk a little bit more about this. And Christian if I understand this correctly, your company uses technology to streamline booking freight transportation. So just give us a sense of how you think this stack is going to give you a leg up against some of your competition that's out there.


Christian Lee, CFO of Transfix

Yeah, well first of all, thanks for having me on, we're super excited to be here, super excited to be talking about this transaction. Everyone sees every day in the newspapers, the issues that are going on a supply chain. Some of that is because of COVID but there have been structural issues in the supply chain for a long time now. The company was started seven years, eight years ago now. And we have seen such incredible demand for our product throughout 2020, into this year that we feel right now is the time to put additional capital on the balance sheet, and be able to invest in you know our core platform in the new software offerings that we have as well as look at some targeted M&A and geographic expansion to really help meet the demand that we're seeing everywhere across the supply chain right now.


Adam Shapiro, Yahoo! Finance

Help us understand how you do what you do, and I'm looking at your website right now: names we all know. Wayfair, Staples, Target. So, if a business comes to you, what are you offering that they're not getting somewhere else?


Christian Lee, CFO of Transfix

Yeah, it's a great question, and the way we think about our business and what we really pride ourselves on, is this mix of a very deep technology machine learning, automation perception, so we're helping drive transparency and efficiency throughout the industry better, matching between shippers and carriers of all sizes. But in addition, we have a co-founder who came out of the industry with deep, deep expertise and that mixture of tech and industry expertise, both how do we better match, how do we use automation, but how do we also have that human touch so that if there's a snowstorm in Dallas or there's a backup at the port, that we're able to sort of meet the needs that shippers and carriers have both from a technology, as well as from a deep industry, understanding of that combination. That has allowed us to offer all sorts of offerings and data and analytics that really haven't been available in the industry, which is why so many enterprise shippers, not only come to us but grow with us year after year, as you've seen in a lot of our data.





Seana Smith, Yahoo! Finance

And Christian, looking at that the business strategy, that has helped you really grow your revenue significantly. It jumped 40%, from 2019 to 2020. What does that growth look like this year?


Christian Lee, CFO of Transfix

So, yeah, our projections are out there. That's one of the unique factors in, in a SPAC. And so, you'll see us targeting $280 million of revenue this year, over a 50% growth rate, so accelerating growth coming out of last year, and I just want to point out that 40% growth in the middle of, probably one of the toughest freight environments that has ever existed, you know the real downturn of COVID and then back up again. But it was a huge opportunity for us as shippers of all sizes came to us and said, “We're unable to get the types of services we need, can you help us?” We did. And that really again highlighted the value of what we're doing that that data, technology as well as the human industry expertise, we saw that growth kind of accelerating in the end of last year and then continuing to accelerate into this year, so super excited about what's going on.


Adam Shapiro, Yahoo! Finanace

And the transaction closing, what in the first quarter of 2022? Your investors are going to be asking something you talked about at the beginning of our discussion which is that these issues that are hitting the supply chain actually existed in some form, prior to the pandemic. So, after we get to after the pandemic, it seems to me that your projections for potential growth would be terrific because, have we addressed the issues prior to the pandemic yet.


Christian Lee, CFO of Transfix

No, look, that's exactly right, when you when you look at this, there are these huge structural issues. And, you know, look, for all of the terribleness of the pandemic, you know, in a very narrow part of the world for us, it has highlighted the power of this platform. People are reading about the supply chain, it's front page news, it's on every in a different program. And so, people are understanding that there needs to be a different solution, this technology married with industry expertise and we think there's big opportunity for us going forward regardless of the market cycle or regardless of, you know, when we come out of this pandemic


Seana Smith, Yahoo! Finance

Just in terms of your plans to scale I guess what does that look like near term over the next two or three years?


Christian Lee, CFO of Transfix

Yeah. So, we plan to invest a lot in our core platform. We just announced an opening of an office in Atlanta, so we can be a little closer to some of our shippers and our carriers. We're gonna invest in people and technology to help continue growing that business. There's also a lot of new products that we're launching. I don't want to get too technical on industry terms here, but our drop trailer program, enterprise backhaul, the new software offerings that we've launched, all of these are huge growth opportunities for us we're going to continue to invest in them. And we see real sustained demand from shippers of all sizes and then working with carriers of all sizes to continue to create a better more transparent ecosystem going forward.





Seana Smith, Yahoo! Finance


All right, Chrisian Lee, the CFO of Transfix. Thanks so much for joining us today.


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